Part-time programme (Evening)

Class Times:

Evening Programme:
Monday to Thursday: 4pm-7pm
(Students are allocated a 2 hour slot)
Saturday: 10.30am-1.30pm
(Students attend for 3 hours)


Abu Zahra Foundation

Devonshire Street, Keighley, BD21 2BL

Why memorise the Qur’an?

Memorisation of the Qur’an has been the bedrock of an Islamic education since the early centuries of Islam. The great scholars of the Islamic civilisation would begin their journey of sacred knowledge by committing the Word of God to memory in its entirety. With the commencement of Abu Zahra Foundation’s Qur’an Memorisation Academy, it is our aim to bring this tradition alive again in our community for young boys and girls to experience this time-honoured tradition.

It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah said: “The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace) said: ‘The Qur’an will come on the Day of Resurrection like a pale man saying to its companion, “Do you recognise me? I am the one who made you stay up at night and made you thirsty during the day…” Then he will be given dominion in his right hand and eternity in his left, and a crown of dignity will be placed upon his head, and his parents will be clothed with garments which far surpass everything to be found in this world. They will say, “O Lord, how did we earn this.” It will be said to them, “Because you taught your child the Qur’an.”’”

Unique features of the Programme

This will be a unique programme combining the best practice of the traditional Arab system of memorisation which focuses heavily on takrār (group repetition) placing great emphasis on correct pronunciation (tajwīd) and the Indian Subcontinent method of  murāji’ah (consistent review). This will produce memorisers of the Qur’an with clarity and precision in recitation as well as excellent retention, in sha’ Allah.

Class size will be small to maximise student-teacher interaction. On-going parent consultation and feedback will ensure that students excel in achieving their daily targets for memorisation.


We have selected an al-Azhar trained, master reciter, Shaykh Muhammad Shu’ayr will teach the programme. He has vast teaching experience, engaging students of all ages and abilities.

Shaykh Shu’ayr Qur’an Sample:

Programme requirements

Evening programme – only for on-the-ground students at Abu Zahra Madrasa


Evening Programme: £1050 per year; weekly or monthly payment option available

Madrasa Dates 2024/25

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Limited places – please apply using the “register” tab

Other Information

We recognise that memorising the Qur’an is a huge commitment for the child. It requires a lot of time and effort for a number of years which naturally affects performance and attainment at school. As much as four hours a day is required for the programme which includes class time and revision at home. Unfortunately, many students who attempt Qur’an memorisation end up under achieving at school which is very detrimental in the long-term.

To strike a balance between realising the student’s full potential at school as well as completing Qur’an memorisation, we propose the following model:

– Students will try to memorise as much as possible until end of Year 9 and then have a two year break to complete their GCSEs.

– Take a break from school education and then complete the Qur’an memorisation on a full-time basis at the Foundation. On completion, students can return to school/college to do A-levels or any other qualification they may want to pursue.

We believe this is a good model that doesn’t compromise the child’s education but also allows him/her to achieve the incomparable achievement of memorising the Book of Allah.

However, if parents and the student feel strongly that they want to continue the part-time programme regardless of how it affects their performance at school, then we will also allow them to continue during Year 10 and 11. But we do believe that the model we are proposing is the most balanced and best outcome for the student and their future, in sha’ Allah.

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