About Us

Abu Zahra Foundation was established in June 2001 to meet the educational needs of the Muslim community in Keighley and its surrounding localities.

The Foundation provides a beautiful place for worship in the heart of the Muslim community, for men, women and children and also facilitates religious instruction in the traditional Islamic Sciences in a way that is relevant to Muslims living in the West.

As our communities have developed, young men and women have often felt frustrated that they have been unable to participate in the running of the community and shape its future. Abu Zahra Foundation has been instrumental in providing second and third generation Muslims space to provide relevant and effective educational programmes to ensure we can engage with young people, win over their hearts and minds, and deliver the eternal message of Islam.

The Foundation is committed to the curriculum as it was found in the great teaching institutions of the Islamic Civilisation and an understating of Islam, which has been transmitted in an unbroken chain from the Prophet (peace be upon him) to our living scholars of Sunnah and Jama’.

The Foundation also provides relief and charitable assistance to those in need in the UK and Overseas.

Registered Charity No. 1181727

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