Qur’an Memorisation Academy

Memorisation of the Qur’an has been the bedrock of an Islamic education since the early centuries of Islam. The great scholars of the Islamic civilisation would begin their journey of sacred knowledge by committing the Word of God to memory in its entirety.

With the commencement of Abu Zahra Foundation’s Qur’an Memorisation Academy, it is our aim to bring this tradition alive again in our community for young boys and girls to experience this time-honoured tradition.

We have selected an al-Azhar trained, master reciter, Shaykh Muhammad Shu’ayr who will be joining us from Egypt to lead the teaching of the programme. He has vast teaching experience, engaging students of all ages and abilities. This will be a unique programme combining the best practice of the traditional Arab system of memorisation which focuses heavily on takrār (group repetition) placing great emphasis on correct pronunciation (tajwīd) and the Indian Subcontinent method of  murāji’ah (consistent review). This will produce, in sha’ Allah, memorisers of the Qur’an with clarity and precision in recitation as well as excellent retention.

Full-time programme

Part-time programme

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