Ustadh Hamzah Rasul

Ustadh Hamzah Rasul

Born in Oldham, Ustadh Hamzah Rasul migrated with his family to Tarim, Yemen at the tender age of 10, and thus embarked on a 15-year journey of religious study.

His formative years were spent at the Badr Language Institute and Dar al-Mustafa where he studied the Islamic Sciences including Arabic, Hadith, Sira, Tafsir, Tajwid and Tassawuf with Habib Muhammad al-Aydrus amongst other teachers. He also went onto memorise the Qur’an in one year under the tutelage of Shaykh Ali Ba Alawi.

On the instruction of Habib Umar bin Hafiz, Ustadh Hamzah enrolled on the BA Islamic Studies at the University of Science and Technology in Sanaa, Yemen and graduated in 2016. His subjects included Arabic, Fiqh, Usul al-Fiqh, Hadith, Tafsir, Islamic History, Sira and many more related Sciences. 

During his degree, Ustadh Hamzah also continued his private studies at the Dar al-Mustafa with Habib Umar bin Hafiz in Shafi’ Fiqh, Tassawuf and Sira; Sahih al-Bukhari with Habib Hashim bin Aqeel and Mustalah al-Hadith with Ustadh Usama ba Sunbul. Some of the notable books Ustadh Hamzah studied during this time were Tadrib al-Rawi in Mustalah al-Hadith, Sahih al-Bukhari in Hadith, Sharh Yaqut al-Nafis in Shafi’ Fiqh and Kawakib al-Durriya in Arabic grammar. Ustadh Hamzah continues to study the Ihya Ulum al-Din under Habib Umar bin Hafiz. 

In his spare time, Ustadh Hamzah taught Arabic, Qur’an and Adab at Dar al-Tanzil – a branch of Dar al-Mustafa – to a diverse range of international students as well teaching privately. 

In late spring of 2016, Ustadh Hamzah returned to the UK to take a teaching position at the Abu Zahra Foundation in Keighley.  He resides with his family in Halifax, England.

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