Shaykh Ruzwan Muhammad

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Shaykh Ruzwan Muhammad

Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed is a Sunni theologian and Scholar. A graduate in Geopolitics and Arabic from the University of Glasgow, he has spent over a decade studying with a wide array of scholars and theologians in the Muslim world.

He has studied the Turkish language at the University of Ankara, Turkey and is a graduate of the Fat’h Islamic Law College in Damascus, graduating from the prestigious 6-year programme with a distinction of merit, achieving first position in his year of graduation from the college. Currently engaged in post-graduate research into the effect of both textual hermeneutics and environment on Islamic legal ethics, he is working on a study and translation of a text on jurisprudence by the Spanish philosopher Averroes.

He serves as an advisor to various independent Muslim educational organisations in the United Kingdom and is actively involved in interfaith work, most notably accompanying David Lunan, the Moderator of the Church of Scotland on a pilgrimage of Israel and Palestine, meeting with Israeli cabinet ministers, members of the Palestinian legislature as well as the religious leadership of all side to explore avenues towards peace. He is a regular on local and national radio as well as an occasional contributor to national Scottish newspapers; regularly heading Q&A format programmes answering Muslim queries.

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