Summer Programme – Qur’an Memorisation (Hifz)

Course Date:

Start date:  Monday, 24th July 2023

End date:  Friday, 18th August 2023

11am - 1.30pm

Course Venue:

Abu Zahra Foundation

Devonshire Street, Keighley, BD21 2BL

Course Teachers:

Shaykh Muhmmad Shu'ayr



Memorise Sura Yasin with a master reciter from the Azhari tradition in 4 weeks. This is a unique opportunity to experience a Qur’an memorisation programme placing great emphasis on correct pronunciation (tajwid) and high-quality recitation.

On completion of the summer programme, students deemed suitable may join the part-time Qur’an memorisation track in September or students can just complete the summer programme as a stand-alone course.

Open to boys and girls who are able to recite the Qur’an fairly fluently.

Cost: £100

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