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Shaykh Samir al-Nass


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Shaykh Samir al-Nass

He was born in Damascus, Syria. He studied in the College of Medicine of the University of Damascus. He studied in the United States and became qualified in Medicine. He studied under some of the great ‘ulama of Sham and Saudi ‘Arabia. He has ijazah in the ten styles of recitation of the narration of Shatibiyyah and Durra from Sheikh Muhammad Sukr. He has ijazah in the ten styles of recitation of the narration of Tayyibah from Sheikh Ahmad Mustafa, who is a student of Sheikh Abd al-Aziz al-Zayyat of Egypt. He has ijazah in fiqh and ‘aqida from Sheikh Abu Yusr ibn ‘Abidin, Sheikh Lufti Fayumi, and Sheikh Adeeb al-kallas.

He has ijazah in hadith from Sheikh Yasin Fadani al-Makki, and Sheikh Dr. Nur ud-din Itar. He also has ijazah in hadith from al-Hafidh Sheikh Abd Allah Siraj ud-din. He has taught at various din-intensive courses in England and North America.

Sheikh Samir is presently a teacher in the the M’ahad al-Fath in Damascus, teaching Hanafi Fiqh in the Takhassus Shariah department and lecturing in
the Masters department.

Sheikh Samir teaches Tajwid on a daily basis in the blessed masjid of Sheikh Ibn ‘Arabi, a post given to him by his sheikh and father-in-law, Sheikh Muhammad al-Sukr.

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