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Posted on Thursday, 25th April 2013 in News

Discover an area of ancient limestone pastures, upland hill farms and the beautiful Malham Tarn on a walk through this popular beauty spot. Passing Tarn House as you walk, call into the bird hide – a fantastic place to look for the wide variety of birds that reside by Malham Tarn. Bring your binoculars and look out for great crested grebe, tufted duck, pochard, wigeon, teal, goosander and, occasionally, hen harrier. The tarn is also home to a unique community of rare plants and animals; stonewort covers most of the bed of the tarn, sheltering pea mussels and three-spined stickleback. It also provides food for diving birds, such as great crested grebes.

(Taken from the Guardian’s 10 Best Walks in Yorkshire)

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