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MIFTAH Arabic Programme – Level 1


Course Date:

Start date:  Sunday, 16th September 2018

End date:  Sunday, 28th July 2019

Sundays: 2.30pm - 4.45pm

Course Venue:

Abu Zahra Foundation

Devonshire Street, Keighley, BD21 2BL

Course Teachers:

Ustadh Sulayman Mohammed Shahnawaz


MIFTAH Arabic @ £340.00


Achieve spoken fluency in the Arabic language.

An excellent opportunity to develop your language skills in a short period through our communicative language course. Our syllabus is designed to fully engage every learner and maintain high motivational levels so that learning Arabic is a pleasure rather than an effort. The structured approached and variety of lesson material will deliver the very best communicative Arabic course to meet every learning style.

The course will teach proficiency in formal Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Level 1 will enable you to communicate confidently at a basic level in everyday situations, socialise and not feel out of place when visiting Arabic-speaking countries, and give some comprehension of Arabic lessons of native speakers. 

From day one you will communicate–listen, read, speak and write–in Arabic. Vocabulary will be learned by using it and not just through rote memorisation. The emphasis is on developing your communicative skills and only focusing on Applied Grammar. Our course moto is: ‘Receive in Arabic Produce in Arabic.’ There is no figuring it out for yourself, just imitate and repeat until you possess the skill. After the first six months of the course, class instruction will completely switch to Arabic only.

As well as some original materials supplied by the teacher, in Year 1, the course is primarily based on our choice core textbook: Al-Arabiyya Lil-Nashi’in: Part. 1 & 2 which will be provided to all students.

The first year (Level 1), comprises of 100 hours of weekly lessons over 40 weeks and will have you speaking with confidence in the least amount of time. Classes will be interactive, and you will be fully involved: reading out aloud, repeating phrases from memory, filling in gaps, writing your own pieces of work and above all speaking through presentations, conversations and role plays. Your active participation will ensure that you leave every class with new acquired language.

Students will be assigned role play partners for homework tasks so that learning is happening even outside the classroom and to make sure that you are ready to play out your role effectively and appropriately in the next class. To fully benefit from the course and acquire its objectives, you are expected to put in up to 5 hours of practice outside the class.

This course also has a long-term objective: to springboard you to learning Classical Arabic. After experiencing communicative Arabic, you can easily switch to learning and understanding Classic Arabic, where you will see immediate similarities between the new and the old. Learning unfamiliar structures will no longer seem daunting nor spin your head. Mostly you will learn to activate grammatical patterns and acquire a wider range of vocabulary through which you can become a competent classical Arabic reader.


Students will be assessed through a combination of written and oral examinations and coursework.

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Students will not be turned away due to lack of funds – Contact if your circumstances don’t allow you to pay course fees


Term 1: 16th September – 23rd December 2018

Terms 2: 13th January – 14th April 2019

Term 3: 5th May – 26th May and 16th June – 4th August 2019

The only requirement is that you are able to read the Qur’an fairly fluently, not necessarily with tajwid, and write the Arabic script.

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