Communicative Arabic (School Year 9 to 13)

Course Date:

Start date:  Thursday, 24th September 2020

End date:  Thursday, 29th July 2021

Thursdays 7.45pm - 8.45pm
(30 weeks)

Course Venue:

Online Only

Course Teachers:

Ustadh Sulayman Mohammed Shahnawaz



Learn Arabic as a tool for communication through everyday scenarios related to a young person’s life. This FREE 30-WEEK course introduces monologues, dialogues and other role plays in the Arabic language. This is not a beginner’s course but for someone that has had some exposure to Arabic before: perhaps through al-‘Arabiyya lin-Nashi’in Books 1 & 2, Al-Arabiya Bayna Yadayk Book 1, Medina Books 1 & 2 or similar.

You can read the Quran; have studied some basic Arabic and are keen to learn more. You will now get a chance to speak with classmates in short Arabic dialogues and answer simple questions to the text you have read. You will also learn things about Muslim culture in another language and become familiar with some common themes in Muslim societies.

Who is this course for?

The course is open for applications for:

  • all 13-18 year olds (that way this group can feel at ease with students of a similar age and not be pressured by older and more advanced students)
  • access to equipment laptop/tablet
  • those who can read the Qur’an fluently
  • If you have knowledge of simple Arabic sentences- just simple Arabic structures where you can recognise a subject and predicate of the sentence, the verb and its tense. There will be a lot of assistance during the class, so even if you have studied a little Arabic before but feel confident enough, then you should apply.
  • Maximum 1 hour commitment per week for the live session (a link to the recording will become available the next day for those who were not able to attend)
  • About ½ to 1 hour commitment outside the class to review, learn or revise learned material and when required to complete a written homework

Based around the course text al-‘Arabiyya lin-Nashi’in Book 3, you will:

  • read and understand short conversations where people go about their daily lives – at home, with the family, at the mosque and other familiar situations
  • hear them talk about their daily activities such as ordering food and drinks in a restaurant
  • meet topics about Islam and Muslim society
  • answer comprehension questions, in writing and orally
  • learn the essentials of Arabic grammar through examples from the reading text
  • complete exercises related to the reading and practice new structures
  • gain essential vocabulary to be able to communicate at a competent level


There will be one final summative assessment – one test to be completed online to translate a piece of medium-sized text (about 200 words).

The formative assessment will be the class exercises and role plays.

Completed al-‘Arabiyya lin-Nashi’in Books 1 & 2, Al-Arabiya Bayna Yadayk Book 1, Medina Books 1 & 2 or similar. Some exposure is required but not mastery.

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