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Miftah Arabic Programme [Bradford]

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Course Date:

Start date:  Thursday, 12th October 2017

End date:  Sunday, 26th August 2018

Thursdays, 7pm-9pm
Sundays, 10.30am-1.30pm

Course Venue:

Carlisle Businees Centre

60 Carlisle Rd, Bradford, BD8 8BD

Course Teachers:

Ustadh Ehab Abdul Rasheed

Ustadh Sulayman Mohammed Shahnawaz


MIFTAH Arabic [Bradford] @ £500.00

Part-time Hours, Full-time Results

A new part-time, two-year summative course that brings out the essential components of our one-year full-time programme for those that can only manage a part-time commitment.

It will take you from no prior knowledge of the Arabic language to being able to comprehend the Qur’an, Hadith and Classical texts of the Islamic scholarly tradition, as well developing speaking skills to converse in social settings.

These are high expectations but we believe the expertise of our resident Egyptian teacher, Ustadh Ehab Rasheed, who has over 20 years of experience teaching Western students, supported by Ustadh Sulayman Shahnawaz, an experienced former Arabic Instructor at, a leading on-line Academy, will produce outstanding results, in sha’ Allah.

Course Outcomes

Let this course begin your journey to fulfil a dream to start on a path of studying the Islamic Sciences as well as converse in Arabic.  On completion of the course, you can expect to:

  • Begin to access the Islamic Sciences in the original Arabic
  • Comprehend your daily reading of the Qur’an and Hadith
  • Be able to converse in a social setting
  • Connect you with a scholarly tradition that will inspire and imbue a change of character which can be life changing

Course Fees

  1. Discounted one-off payment:  £500 for 2 years (400 hours) of specialised Arabic instruction
  2. For an annual payment: £300 per year
  3. For a monthly payment: £25 per month

For Option 1: Simply register and pay here on the website

For Options 2 & 3: Please email and you will be guided through the registration process

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Course Curriculum

Textbook instruction coupled with communicative opportunities means a complete Arabic immersion experience will be gained in a seamless manner.  The course will concentrate on receptive and productive skills–allowing you to work independently with the language–to maximise your grasp of key grammatical and morphological concepts and use of idioms in the target language so that your interaction with the Qur’an and other religious primary materials comes to life. Furthermore, the MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) elements will enable you to understand and communicate with native speakers with confidence.

The curriculum is an attempt to produce a natural and seamless fusion between the MSA and Classical language to prepare students to adequately access primary texts and engage in today’s communicative language.

Assigned Course Book & Customised Texts

As well as an assigned course book providing vocabulary acquisition and practical application of language, a formalised study of Arabic Morphology (Sarf) and Grammar (Nahw), will take also place using customised notes and workbooks. You will then proceed towards the end of the course to analyse Qur’an, Hadith and Classic texts through customised material. The Hans Wehr Arabic-English dictionary (paper or electronic formats) will be your constant companion for lexical work.


Assessment will be at the end of each stage and a final summative exam will provide the overall grade.


Situated in a former textile mill, sporting a distinctive clock tower, Carlisle Business Centre is a landmark of Manningham. It provides excellent facilities and a modern classroom environment.

Student Portal

This will give access to all class recordings to review the material covered or catch up for sessions missed due to absence.

A class discussion forum will also allow you to ask questions during the week and interact with other students.


Who Can Apply?

The course is open to men and women, aged 16 years and above, who can read the Qur’an fairly fluently (even without Tajwid).

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